Best Blender for Smoothies: The Story of My Discovery

Let me let you know just a little story: Nine years ago, after my first pregnancy, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. Each fall, I might dread the upcoming flu season. I oknew that I would be miserable many of the winter, with one cold after another, each lasting for weeks. I additionally developed seasonal allergy symptoms, though I had by no means suffered from any allergic reactions before. And it wasn’t just me being miserable. My son suffered from terrible eczema throughout his body since infancy.

I okaynew I wanted to alter something, but at the moment I wasn’t really sure what to do. I started searching for data, and I became more and more fascinated by how nutrition affects our health. I grew to become convinced that it is much more necessary than most individuals give it credit for.

My first enlightening moment was when my son was cured from his terrible eczema in a matter of a few days. After attempting virtually everything, including prescription ointments and drugs, seeing a number of specialists, lastly one sensible physician recommended that he could also be allergic to milk. Once I finished giving him milk, his skin healed and he finally stopped feeling itchy all of the time. The transformation was wonderful, so I decided to dig even deeper.

I began studying about the importance of high consumption of leafy greens, raw fruits and vegetables, and I shortly convinced that I need to eat plenty of these meals every day. Unfortunately, despite my dedication, it was not easy. I felt like my life was centered about food – shopping for, cleaning, chopping, and chewing. It took a lot more time than I needed to spend on such tasks.

After I learned about green smoothies, I was actually excited to strive them as an answer to my problems. Sadly, the blender I owned at the moment didn’t rise to the challenge. The smoothies that had been coming out had been barely palatable. I wished really nutritious smoothies, with kale, celery, and other tough greens and vegetable, however the poor machine just could not handle it.

The real breakthrough got here after I bought a high energy, super blender, Vitamix 5200. After I made my first green smoothie blender, I was elated. It was so clean and creamy – I couldn’t taste any powerful greens at all. My son liked it, too. This was 4 years ago, and I’ve to inform you – I have used my Vitamix day-after-day since then, and I haven’ been sick since. Though it seemed like an costly funding in a small kitchen appliance, it has confirmed itself to be cash well spent.